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Luxxa - Bra - Soutien Gorge

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80.32 £
Delivery:  5 days
Size: 32B
Douceurs & Gourmandises collection provides a varied array of high-quality french sweets,The Bêtise black lace bra is a sensual handmade lingerie made up of precious materials.

Bra  >  Luxxa  >  Soutien Gorge

Collection:  Gourmandise

Catalogue:  Betise

Brand:  Luxxa

Body Luxxa Body Nu + Nippies
£138.12 Sexy topless bodysuit lace and crystal, sexy lingerie composed of many precious materials. The topless cups, reveals the breast to expose the naked chest. On the triangle shape cups a trimming hemline is adorned by Swarovski element, also on shoulder the straps. The belly is made up of a Lycra shape decorated with Swarowski elements and refine double bows composed of satin and lace. Low the sexy ...
Suspender Belt Luxxa Belier
£65.87 Sexy suspender belt lace and bows, a charming suspender belt, adorned with trimmings, flower lace and satin double sided tape. Four stocking straps equip the sexy suspender belt lace and bows. The lingerie is beautified by precious materials and hand made know-how. Luxxa Lingerie is beautifully designed and manufactured from the leader in the enchanting lingerie designs of France. Luxxa lingerie ...
Mask Luxxa Balance Loup
£21.25 Sexy mask openwork lace with tulle, it highlights the glance while hiding its intention. Luxxa lingerie is the innovator of the sexy ½ cup and ¼ cup bras and are widely known for the come back of the balconette bra. Magnificent lingerie that specializes in armature and foams for better support are the trademark of this designer lingerie as is quality and perfection. Intense floral spiral ...
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