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Luxxa - Bra - SOUTIEN-GORGE ( noir/ orange )

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60.56 £
Black/Orange / Small
Delivery:  7 days
Colour:  Black/Orange

Bra  >  Luxxa  >  SOUTIEN-GORGE ( noir/ orange )

Collection:  Luxxa Sur Mer

Catalogue:  Paradise

Brand:  Luxxa

G-String set Taureau 1/2 Sein/ouvert
£93.50 The sexy half cups lace and embroidery is made up half-cups exposing the naked chest. There are composed of several layers such as a reinforced foam and Jacquard lace. Many manufacturing details adorned this refined and subtle lingerie. Its sexy creation embellishes the sexy half cups lace and embroidery with deep sensual fork back. Before opening crotch the sexy open G string with embroidery is ...
Tendance Etincelles rouge 3 ps sans colle
£89.24 Triangle shaped cups to stick: composed of a mesh invisible rhinestone (Swarovski) mesh 30 denier lace lined in lace (Red), base with a double stripe satin folds. Top hat trimmed with floral embroidery embellished with sequins and fancy beads. Sold without glue (glue sold separately) allowing reuse of about 100 poses. Packaged in bottles of 60 ml Ball special mounting adhesive on the skin, the ...
Basque Luxxa Balance
£165.75 Sexy basque lace and lacing with tulle, a collection associating the elegance of tulle, lace and lacings. The bra is composed of foam, overlays with fine lace. It is also equipped with removable foam offering an uplift cleavage. Bra and straps are surrounded with embroidered floral lace. The belly made up of tulle and lacings, hand made, is adjustable by ribbons of tightening.The sexy basque lace ...
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