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Luxxa - Bustier/Corset - Capricorne

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91.37 £
Black / 32B
Delivery:  4 days


 Elasthane: 20 % 
 Polyamide: 80 % 
Colour:  Black
the sexy corsage lace & trimmings Capricorne is a day lingerie from 7ème ciel collection. The sexy corsage lace & trimmings Capricorne is made up of a reinforced foam, floral lace and adjustable satin lacing.

Bustier/Corset  >  Luxxa  >  Capricorne

Collection:  Capricorn

Catalogue:  7th heaven

Brand:  Luxxa

G-String set Luxxa Set Ensemble Sg Belier
£129.62 Sexy bra lace and crystals a lingerie which offers a fine chest supports increasing your beauty. This bra is appropriated to generous chest. Its shape and reinforcing foam increased and beautified your chest. Made up of several thicknesses, the sexy bra lace and crystals is surrounded by glamorous and retro Lycra and refined lace. Sexy g string lace and crystals, a lycra and floral lace with ...
Necklace Luxxa Eva guipure
£14.66 Sexy necklace black satin with flower and jewel, adorned with embroidery, satin and Swarovski crystal with facets. ...
Set Luxxa Set Soutien-gorge et culotte
£148.75 Sexy bra lace with lace is a lingerie associating elegance of tulle, fine lace and enamelled jewel. The bra is produced by several layers such as lace-covered foam for breast. It is gathering of removal foam for uplifting breast. Its main advantage is to tighten the chest to increase necklace. The bra straps are also laced. Sexy low waist brief back tulle and lace a charming scarlet Poisson ...
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