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Luxxa - G-string - String

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40.37 £
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G-string  >  Luxxa  >  String

Collection:  Douceurs et Gourmandises

Catalogue:  Dragee

Brand:  Luxxa

G-String set Luxxa Set Lion
£116.87 The sexy bra embroidered tulle and crystals is a lingerie which offers a fine chest supports increasing your feminity. The wired cups provide a firm chest adjustment, its shape and reinforcing foam increased and beautified your cleavage. Thus, the Lion bra is appropriated to generous chest. Made up of several thicknesses, sexy bra embroidered tulle and crystals is surrounded by an embroidered fawn ...
Body Luxxa Gemeaux 1/2 sein/ouvert
£104.12 Bonnet shape within half for plunging plunging neckline, consisting of a doubled keeps foam freinet pleated sateen and tulle scalloped adjustable straps crossed flouncy tulle stitch finishing, bra attached to the thong by 6 flanges flexible snaring, between breast embellished with lace. ...
Open G-string Luxxa Belier
£40.37 Sexy open G string, is an open lingerie, composed by stretching decorated borders. This lingerie is equipped with many crystals and lovely double bow. A satin ribbon lined with a lace ribbon. The waist is made up of microfiber. The back of Bélier sexy open G string, is composed by lacing embroidery. Luxxa Lingerie is beautifully designed and manufactured from the leader in the enchanting ...
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