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Luxxa - G-string - String Nu Bijoux

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48.87 £
Extra Large
Delivery:  7 days
Size: Extra Large

G-string  >  Luxxa  >  String Nu Bijoux

Collection:  Douceurs et Gourmandises

Catalogue:  Dragee

Brand:  Luxxa

Body Luxxa Piment vert Mixt
£170.00 Piment Vert is the spicy collection by Luxxa. Piment Vert lingerie, a blazing sexy dual bodysuit embroidered tulle & satin Piment Vert which is made up of embroidered tulle, frame and satin bows. The sexy bodysuit embroidered tulle and satin is triangle shape bra embroideries and satin adorned. ...
Closed Mini G-string Luxxa Carmela
£30.91 Mini sexy G string embroidered black tulle with jewel, a fantasy embroideried lingerie. A transparent refines tulle embroidered and adorned by heart shape Swarovski jewel. The mini sexy G string embroidered black tulle with jewel from Carmela’s collection is handmade with attention to finishing. ...
Open Mini G-string Luxxa Bella
£35.38 Thong sensually grabs your waist in soft straps design with embroidered motif, open base embellish with dual pearl idea in mini bow finish. Bella, a lingerie collection that sensualizes your nights and days with a refined lace, Swarovski elements and pearls. This sexy mini open G-string black lace and white tulle with jewel, which strips your body behind à transparent cream, refined lace. It ...
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