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Luxxa - Garter - Jarretiere

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Garter  >  Luxxa  >  Jarretiere

Collection:  Douceurs et Gourmandises

Catalogue:  Dragee

Brand:  Luxxa

Body Luxxa Taureau 1/2 sein/ouvert
£138.12 The sexy bodysuit half cups lace and embroidery is made up half-cups exposing the naked chest. There are composed of several layers such as à reinforced foam and Jacquard lace. Many manufacturing details adorned this refined and subtle lingerie. Its sexy creation embellishes the sexy bodysuit half cups lace and embroidery with deep sensual fork back. ...
G-String set Luxxa Set Taureau sein nu
£85.00 The sexy topless bra with lace and embroidery is made up of a frame dressed with lace and beautiful embroideries. Adjustable, the sexy topless bra with lace and embroidery is an exceptionnal lingerie rage, handmade for your pleasure. The lingerie sexy open G string with embroidery is a wonder made up of a triangular shape raised with black bead embroidery on the naked skin. ...
Open Mini G-string Luxxa Bianca
£38.78 Thong comes in guipure floral design and crystal pendant on front, grabbing your waist with rehash straps in delicate finish.Thong in guipure body design giving semi transparent body with white floral design on top, floral idea at back, adjustable waist straps finish. Sexy mini open G string black laced and embroidered white flower, is a fine lingerie adorned with a gorgeous Swarovski crystal. ...
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