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Luxxa - `Body - Corps De Guepiere (Sans Bonnets)

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141.31 £
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`Body  >  Luxxa  >  Corps De Guepiere (Sans Bonnets)

Collection:  Douceurs et Gourmandises

Catalogue:  Dragee

Brand:  Luxxa

G-String set Luxxa Set Ensemble Nu + Nippies
£148.75 Sexy topless bra with lace, open design, adorned with Swarovski element, is a lingerie which raises the female curves. It is made up of open top caps, triangle shape, lace borders and adorned with Swarovski elements. Sexy topless bra with lace is composed of adjustable straps. The high-end Luxxa fine lingerie offers a voluptuous design, hand made with a special focus attention to finishing. Sexy ...
Body Luxxa Body Berlier 1/2 seins Ouvert
£119.00 Sexy bodysuit half cups lace and crystal, sexy lingerie composed of several layers. The half cups, hold the birth breast to expose the naked chest. The wired cups are surrounded by salmon stretched Lycra, floral lace. On the cups a trimming hemline is adorned by Swarovski element, also on shoulder the straps. The belly is made up of a Lycra shape decorated with rhinestone and double bows composed ...
Tendance Etincelles,Nippies noir strass
£21.25 Article to stick to the skin, hide sex consists of a lace trimmed with a satin bow and rhinestones (Swarovski) decorated with feather mounted hook (easy maintenance) sold without glue (glue sold separately) allowing reuse of about 100 poses. ...
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