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Luxxa Set - - Tendance Etincelles Nippi rouge 3 ps avec colle

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55.24 £
Red / One Size Only
Delivery:  7 days
Size: One Size Only


 Elasthane: 20 % 
 Polyamide: 80 % 
Colour:  Red
Items to stick to the skin, composed of two caches nipples and a ribbon pendant thong, embroidered flowers adorned with fancy beads and sequins, sold with glue allowing reuse of about 100 poses. Packaged in bottles of 60 ml Ball special mounting adhesive on the skin, the product from French laboratory certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, anti allergenic product. Use limitation: Do not apply in cases of skin irritations and wounds. Keep out of the reach of children, do not swallow, keep the ball clean, close after use.

3-piece set  >  Luxxa Set  >  Tendance Etincelles Nippi rouge 3 ps avec colle

Lingerie de peau à coller  >  Luxxa Set  >  Tendance Etincelles Nippi rouge 3 ps avec colle

Collection:  Tendance Etincelles

Catalogue:  Innovations

Brand:  Luxxa Set

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3-piece set

Lingerie de peau à coller

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