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Luxxa - Negligee - DESHABILLE LONG

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102.00 £
Black / Large
Delivery:  7 days
Colour:  Black

Negligee  >  Luxxa  >  DESHABILLE LONG

Collection:  Gourmandise

Catalogue:  Cachou

Brand:  Luxxa

Ankle Bracelet Luxxa Chevillière
£17.00 The sexy bracelet satin rosette Piment Vert is made up of satin rosette with trimming and gold sequins. This sexy bracelet satin rosette is appropriated to your evening dresses or gorgeous Piment vert lingerie. This jewel is also appropriate to the ankle ...
G-String set Capricorne 1/2 sein ouvert
£104.12 The sexy half-cups bra lace and trimmings is a evening lingerie to share intimacy. A lovers sexy bra which is made up of a reinforced foam, floral lace and satin bows. sexy open G string lace & trimmings is a very attractive lingerie. Very suggestive as well, this sexy open G string lace & trimmings is floral lace and satin bows adorned. The stretch lycra waist line is satin bows embellished front ...
Closed Mini G-string Luxxa Tina
£29.75 The mini sexy G string Tina flesh color tulle black embroidered with jewel, from the Tina collection, is a beautiful embroidered string with flesh color tulle. The mini sexy G string Tina flesh color tulle black flower embroidered adorned with jewel is an adjustable lingerie. ...
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