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Luxxa - Nipple Tassels - Cache Bouts de Seins + Colle

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47.81 £
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The sexy nippies black lace two-piece, an original creation which harmonizes sensual, This lace nippies are to stick on your breasts, comes in a glue roll on, is made for fixation on the skin, roll-on allows to maintain necklines such as nipples on the tips, without discomfort.

Nipple Tassels  >  Luxxa  >  Cache Bouts de Seins + Colle

Collection:  Gourmandise

Catalogue:  Betise

Brand:  Luxxa

Sg voile + string + Porte-jarretelles
£206.12 BRA "VOILE": Bra draped in a stunning sheer veil (height adjustable caps) closure ties at the cleavage with lace guipure. In the breasts are lined with a foam comfort complete with a tulle bow frizz. The back is lined with lace and satin side reinforcement. back closure with adjustable mounting. Strapless dress shoulders straight braid lace. Open with ease, as shown. GARTER BELT : Garter frizz ...
Body Luxxa Poisson 1/2 sein
£140.25 Body half cup lingerie made with sexy red lace. At the bust is stylish bow made with beautiful satin ribbon. At the top of the open crotch is a lovely big bow making for an appealing design. Luxxa Lingerie is beautifully designed and manufactured from the leader in the enchanting lingerie designs of France. Luxxa lingerie is dedicated to the manufacturing of fine lingerie with sex ...
Closed Mini G-string Luxxa Floria
£27.62 Mini sexy G string Floria embroidered white tulle with jewel, is adorned with a blazing eroticism Swarovski element heart jewel. A transparent tulle is embroidered with delicious white flower decorated with a delicate pure white satin bow which emerges a jewel made up of Swarovski elements between two subtle pearls. The mini sexy G string Floria embroidered white tulle with jewel is an adjustable ...
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