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Luxxa - Nipple Tassels - NIPPI BLANC + Colle (glue)

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47.81 £
Delivery:  7 days
Size: none
Colours:  Black
Nippi WHITE (2 pieces to be glued) Stick the nippies to the skin. Our nippies are made of lace and flexible lace (multiple uses).  Use: Apply glue directly (sold here only) on nipples, keep Nippis up and dry one minute using a hair dryer.  Maintenance: To remove, take off thoroughly with water, wash with soap and water. Lay Nippis flat to dry for reuse. Made of stitched festoon with lace.

Glue: Packaged in ball 60 ml bottle to the skin adhesive product of French laboratory
French ISO 9001 , ISO 14001, anti allergenic product.
Use limitation: Do not apply in cases of skin irritations and wounds. Keep out of the reach of children , do not swallow, keep the ball clean ,close after use

Nipple Tassels  >  Luxxa  >  NIPPI BLANC + Colle (glue)

Collection:  Love Blanc

Catalogue:  Innovations

Brand:  Luxxa

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