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Luxxa - Bra - SOUTIEN-GORGE ( noir/ blanc )

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60.56 £
Black/White / Small
Delivery:  7 days
Colour:  Black/White

Bra  >  Luxxa  >  SOUTIEN-GORGE ( noir/ blanc )

Collection:  Luxxa Sur Mer

Catalogue:  Paradise

Brand:  Luxxa

Triangle Bra Luxxa Piment vert Ouvert
£74.37 Piment Vert, a gorgeous sexy open cups bra embroidered tulle & satin which ignites the sight and all senses. The sexy open cups bra embroidered tulle & satin is made up of embroidered ivory tulle. The open on the naked breasts is length adjustable with a satin lacing. ...
Rings Luxxa Bague Love Créme
£17.00 Sexy ring beige satin with the soft and elegant colors, it adorned your lingeries and evening dresses. This sexy ring beige satin is composed by a satin flower and painted, handmade, mother of pearl. Embroidery surrounds the finger. ...
Open G-string Luxxa STRING  Mini Nu
£36.12 Open thong composed of loop and lace pattern design, ribbon satin with floral guipure details on front, frizzy bow at the back, rehash waist straps finish. Nude G string with satin and floral trimmings, a sensual sweetness consisting of open lacings on intimacy. Few grams of floral trimmings on a stretch waistline. The nude G string with satin and floral trimmings south seas inspired is back ...
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