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Luxxa - Nipple Tassels - CACHES BOUTS DE SEINS ( Ovales ) + Colle

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47.81 £
Delivery:  7 days
Size: none
Colour:  Black
Lace coated Nippies These are to stick to the skin , with glue that is SOLD SEPARATELY- Colle ; Packaged in bottles of 60 ml Ball special mounting adhesive on the skin, the product from French laboratory certified ISO 9001 , ISO 14001, anti allergenic product. Use limitation : Do not apply in cases of skin irritations and the plaies.Tenir out of the reach of children , do not swallow, keep the ball clean , close after use.

Nipple Tassels  >  Luxxa  >  CACHES BOUTS DE SEINS ( Ovales ) + Colle

Collection:  Gourmandise

Catalogue:  Reglisse

Brand:  Luxxa

Body Luxxa Gemeaux
£104.12 Bonnet shape for dipping plunging neckline, consisting of a doubled keeps foam freinet pleated sateen and tulle scalloped adjustable straps crossed flouncy tulle stitch finishing, bra attached to the string by 6 flanges flexible snaring, opening string of small silver clasp finish between breast embellished with lace. ...
Necklace Luxxa Rosa Collier guipure
£15.61 Sexy necklace white satin with flower and jewel, an accessory from Rosa collection. This accessory line consists of an embroidered necklace on a satin ribbon. This Rosa’s accessory suspends a Swarovski elements, a teardrop red crystal. The sexy necklace black satin with flower and jewel is a lovely adjustable accessory. ...
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